Individual Benefits

Providing Guidance and Education for Your Individual Needs

Finding individual health insurance and benefits can be challenging, but that’s why Benefit Advisors Insurance Agency is here to do the work for you. You could go to any agent, but we do all the work to find the right products that fit your needs and relate to you what you want. We discuss your individual needs, search for policy plans based on your desired specifications, and piece together everything in the policy, completing the puzzle perfectly for you.

Medicare and Supplement

Are you turning 65 or are already 65 and looking to transition to Medicare and a Supplement? Let us help you to ensure a smooth transition as there are many pieces within the switching process. Our goal is to offer guidance and education when it comes to choosing the right Medicare and Supplement policies that best fit you. To request a quote, or for more information regarding our individual benefits, give us a call at 608-779-0633 or email us today!

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Our agency realizes that every household situation is different, with unique needs. We are able to offer health plans both on and off the ACA Marketplace to best fit your budget.

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Medicare Assistance

Becoming Medicare eligible can be overwhelming with so many options and moving parts. Our agency is here to walk you through each step from start to finish ensuring a smooth transition.

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Whether you are looking for preventative coverage or extensive procedures, our agency will find a product to suit your specific needs.

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Short-Term Policies

Are designed to “fill in the gaps” for temporary health insurance coverage during change of employment or until more permanent coverage can be established.

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Round out your benefits by adding vision insurance to cover the purchase of glasses, contacts, frames, etc.

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Disability coverage can be offered on both a short term and long term basis and provides financial protection for life’s unexpected moments.

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Make sure that you have enough coverage to protect your loved ones.